2013 was the year of the wedding for me. I had three of my best friends get married and I was a bridesmaid and makeup artist for all of them.

For Lauren’s wedding that was taken one step further since I had the pleasure of being her Maid of Honor.


Lauren and I first met when we were about 4 years old.  I had just moved to Fremont and my parents enrolled me in a dance class that Lauren was in too. Unfortunately, where Lauren excelled and danced until she graduated high school, I severely lacked in the coordination department and that would be my first and last dance class. Fortunately, that wouldn’t be the only time Lauren and I would cross paths. We used to see each at the Gymnastics Center, at the Fremont Hub, and even in her parents store – where I would hang out with her in the office while my mom shopped. Even though we only lived one block away from each other we went to different elementary schools and didn’t really become friends again until Junior High.

We met again the summer before 8th grade at Glenmoor pool. I don’t know how or why we started talking, it was probably for an underwater somersault contest – but that was the beginning of our now 17 year friendship. Lauren is truly one of the best friends you could ask for.  I can sit and pour my guts out to her and she will listen patiently and give the greatest advice. Or we can go out on the town and have the time of our lives. We’ve got so many great memories: begging for change so we could get a half order of Nacho’s at El Patio, getting ready for winter ball at her parents’ house and matching our eye shadow perfectly to our dress colors, going down to Santa Barbra to visit her while she was in college and seeing what a real college town was like, me dragging her to a Broadway show when we went to NYC and her falling asleep through it – the list is endless and I don’t expect it to stop anytime soon.

I don’t really think that there is much more you could wish for one of your friends than for them to find the person they were meant to be with, and that is what Lauren found in her husband Todd, the person she is meant to be with.

Enough with the sappy back story, let’s talk about the makeup now.

Lauren doesn’t typically wear much makeup on a regular basis, and she rarely puts on foundation. I emphasized that for the pictures it was really necessary to have some sort of foundation on and suggested she try out the Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation. This is a breakthrough technology because this super lightweight formula blends completely into your skin, perfecting the complexion weightlessly. I know a lot of foundations claim that they are weightless – let me tell you once you’ve tried this formula nothing else compares in that department.


For her skin I just used the Maestro foundation, a bit of concealer, and a light dusting of invisible powder to keep shine down on the hot day in Napa.

For eyes, Lauren wanted to create a smoky look using different taupe shades. I used most of my colors from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette which is perfect for a taupe smoky eye.


I used Booty Call under the brow bone and on the inside corner of the eye, Tease in the crease, Suspect on the Lid and also smudged along the lower lash line, and finally Busted in the corner. I also used another favorite MAC Teddy Eye Kohl on the water line. I finished up the eyes with some MAC Liquid Last liquid liner on the top, waterproof mascara, and a set of Ardell False Lashes.

For blush and lips we stuck with peachy tones. I used MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty on the cheeks. For lips it was MAC Subculture Lip Pencil, MAC Pure Zen Lipstick and Laura Mercier Bare Pink Lip Glace on top.


For the bridesmaid’s makeup we used more pink and golden tones to go with our dresses. For the eyes I used a few combinations of MAC – Bamboo, Soft Brown, Corduroy, Sketch, Amber Lights and Motif. For the cheeks I used MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle. On the lips we used our go to favorite color – MAC Supreme Sheen in Behave Yourself. It’s such a bright fun and flattering color on everyone. I paired it with Hip and Happy Lip Pencil to make it last longer.


The wedding was in the always gorgeous St. Helena, CA. The reception was at Cindy Pawlcyn’s, saldy closed, Wood Fire Grill and Wine Bar. If you are in St. Helena it is absolutely worth checking out Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen where we had the rehearsal dinner. Her food is so good and the atmosphere fantastic. And if you do go there I have two words for you, Campfire Pie. Trust me.

Lauren’s gown was Coan Coture who designs exclusively for Bridal Image in San Francisco. If you really love her dress, you’re in luck – she’s selling it here! The bridesmaids were in amazing (as in I actually can’t wait to wear it again) French Connection dresses which are sadly not available any more.



The whole weekend in wine country was a blast, Lauren looked gorgeous and I couldn’t be happier for her and Todd.


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