OK everyone, this is it – my first video tutorial! Out of all the makeup at this years Academy Awards I was the most enthralled with Olivia Wilde’s look. It was bold, but also simple. She wore a really intense cat eye while keeping everything else soft and glowing. I thought it would be fun to recreate this look – and I was looking for an excuse to buy a light peach lipstick!

Here is on thing that I didn’t mention in the tutorial – it is a trick I learned at the MAC Master Class about perfecting skin. Adding a drop or two of an essential oil (like the Argan Oil) helps to give your foundation a more sheer and dewy finish.

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This is the first of (hopefully) many video tutorials to come. Any feedback about things you would do differently, things you would like to see, or just anything in general is greatly appreciated.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to recreate Olivia Wilde Academy Awards Makeup.

Photo by PR Photos