When I was in LA a few weeks ago I was so happy to get to spend some time with my friend, old roommate, and fantastic actress Marlane Barnes. We got to talking about the blog and she came up with a great idea on combining my two passions in life; theater and makeup. She thought, and so did I, that it would be fun to sit down with some of the actresses I know and have a little beauty talk. Hence “Beauty Bag Buzz” was born. Who better to feature in my very first one that the brains behind the buzz – Marlane!

Marlane has been a recurring guest star on Masters of Sex (Showtime) and The Fosters (ABCFamily).  You also might have seen her playing Maggie, a member of the Irish Vampire Coven, in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. In addition to her work as an actress Marlane is also a spokesperson for the national Spay/Neuter organization SpayFirst!

So lets get started with the very first Beauty Bag Buzz!


1. Were you always a makeup person or was it something you got more interested in later in life?

Makeup is something I got interested in later in life. Growing up in Arkansas my friends and I basically just used Cover Girl (I shudder to remember the foundation sticks!) and I had never met a real makeup artist. I wore way too much makeup in all the wrong ways! The first time I had my makeup done in LA I was in shock and also a little relieved. So that’s how stars look like stars! I am still learning.

2.   You’re a big advocate for animals and have been working a lot with no kill shelters and also taking animals in to foster until they find their forever home. I know it’s really important to you to use cruelty free makeup and recently you’ve also been trying to switch to natural products as well. Do you have a favorite cruelty free brand? What is the best natural product you’ve found so far?

Yes! Cruelty-free is very important to me. No animal should suffer for our cosmetics! I love the Yes ToBurt’s Bees, and Shea Moisture lines for bath and body that I can pick up almost anywhere and SanRe Organic Skinfood for skin. But I am still in the early stages of my trials. Let me know if you find something great!

3.  Working on set and sitting in the makeup chair has to be a lot of fun. What’s the best tip or product you’ve taken away from one of your jobs?

Makeup artists are my favorite people on set. In my experience they are always so sensitive to our needs and build our confidence right along with our faces! As far as take aways, hands down the Beauty Blender! This egg shaped wonder makes all the difference in building coverage, which is the only way to get makeup to stay and look natural. I also take away a million ways to wield a curling iron.


4.  How do you prep for a premier or red carpet event? How different is that from your daily routine?

Everyone is different, but grains, dairy, and alcohol tend to make me puffy and my skin dehydrated, so I avoid those and drink lots of water. I suppose I should say caffeine too, but I can’t give up the coffee! The night before I exfoliate with a wash cloth and moisturize really well, and the same thing in the morning. Even though I have primarily oily skin, it can get dry in patches, and those dry patches are more of a problem for the makeup than anything else. Most importantly – don’t pick! So. So. Hard. But important.

5.  What is the product you can’t live without right now?

As someone who has always stayed out of the sun I have very pale skin, which I love to death. But sometimes wearing a certain color (ahem, light yellow) or going in for a certain role feels better with a bit of a tan, and I always turn to the new Caudalie lotion Divine Legs. It smells wonderful, dries quickly, goes on lightly and washes off with water. Plus, no skin cancer! I love it!



And there is it, our first Beauty Bag Buzz. A BIG thank you to Marlane Barnes, not only for the idea, but for all the great info! I’ve been itching to try The Beauty Blender for a while and your recommendation is just the thing I needed to get me to go out and buy it.