When I used to work at MAC and would have a customer sit in my chair to get their makeup done it was inevitable that when I asked what they wanted to do they would talk about their eyes. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with great eyeshadow,  but lets not forget about the lips. Bold lipstick is simple and it has a big impact. Sure it can be a little high maintenance, but nothing worthwhile should come easy! My love of lipstick is nothing new, but I’m challenging all my readers out there who only do clear gloss, or a nude lip to go for it! Swipe on that orange, dare to wear hot pink, get sultry with a deep red lip and see how wearing that lipstick makes you feel!

Lipstick FactsLipstick art2 by votredame CC by 4.0.

In honor of  one of my favorite products, here are some weird, fun and true lipstick facts. Enjoy!

1. Ever heard the phrase “Kiss of Death”? This term was coined because in some ancient civilizations unknowingly used poisonous materials to make their lipstick. The ancient Egyptians extracted dye for their lipstick from a kind of algae, iodine and bromine. This “deadly” combination could result in serious or fatal illness to both the wearer and her lover, hence the term “Kiss of Death”.

2. Red lips will catch and help keeps a man’s attention! A University of Manchester study found that men’s eyes linger longer on a woman with painted lips.  According to the data gathered in the study, men spent an average of 7.3 seconds staring at women wearing red lipstick, 6.7 seconds at women wearing pink lipstick, and only 2.2 seconds at women sporting bare lips. Test it out for yourself and check out my favorite shades of Red Lipstick.

3. Love that high gloss shine for your lips? Thank your lucky stars you weren’t living in the 1920’s because Lip Gloss wasn’t introduced to the public until 1930 by the Max Factor Company.

4. During World War II, all cosmetics except for lipstick were rationed. Winston Churchill decided to keep lipstick in production because he felt it had a positive effect on morale. Thanks Churchill!

5. Every year, between 800 and 900 million lipsticks are sold worldwide. That’s enough lipstick to circle the earth about one and a half times. That is if my math is right. . .  Remember,  I am a makeup artist, not a mathematician!

6. Is it cold, dark and rainy outside? How about cheering yourself up with a tube of lipstick! Studies have shown that lipstick sales rise dramatically during bad weather. A new shade of lipstick does make me happy, so it makes sense that it can help make a gloomy day better. . .

7. The lipstick effect or lipstick indicator is the theory that when an economic crisis hits, luxury lipstick sales surge. In the Great Depression, cosmetic sales went up by 25%. Every recession since has experienced the same glimmer of economic hope–rather, economic omen. That Chanel Lipstick sure costs a lot less than that Chanel Bag – luxury for less!

I hope you learned something interesting and remember try that lipstick!


Photo Courtesy of TaniaSaiz http://www.flickr.com/photos/taniasaiz/ not edited

red lips isolated in white by TaniaSaiz CC BY 2.0