I was fortunate enough to attend 42nd Street Moon’s Fund Raising Gala “What We Did for Love” this past Thursday evening at Bimbo’s 365 Club. The night’s main event was a performance by Megan Hilty of Smash fame.


In addition to being a makeup artist I’m also a costume designer and have worked for 42nd Street moon on a handful of shows and have another that I will be designing costumes for, Painting the Cloud with Sunshine, coming up in April 2014. Costumes, in addition to makeup are another great creative outlet for me and I love being able to see my vision come to life on stage.

Going to a Gala calls for a bit of glam! So I wanted to do something polished but with a big impact for my makeup. I was actually inspired by Megan Hilty’s makeup in her press photo. I think Berry Lips are going to be a big trend this spring. They are similar to this past falls Burgundy Lip that was so hot, but instead of being really deep they have a bit more brightness to them. Amy Adams just rocked a gorgeous berry lip at the BAFTA Awards.



To achieve this Gala Glam look here is what I used:


I wanted to keep the eye pretty simple so that I wouldn’t pull focus from the bold lip. I started by lightly sweeping Naked Lunch on under my brown bone and in the inside corner of my eye.


Then I took Wedge and swept it in the crease of my eye as well as bringing it around under my lower lashes.


After that I lightly packed on Retropspeck – a gorgeous sparkling champagne color – all over the lid.


I finished it off with Boot Black Liquid Eyeliner, black eye kohl on the water line, and two coats of mascara.


For the lips I precisely lined them with Currant Lip Pencil feathering that color into the center of lips so that I wouldn’t have a harsh liner line. Then I filled the lips in with Rebel lipstick. Rebel is midtone plum shade with a great satin finish so it has a bit of a sheen.


For blush I used Blushbaby which also has a berry tone to it. This ensured that it didn’t clash with my bold lip color.



The night was fantastic; I got to spend the evening with a lot of great friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in a while. Megan’s performance blew me away, she has an amazing stage presence and her voice is stunning. Best of all the theater company I am proud to be a part of was able to raise some money so that they can keep putting on amazing shows.


Tanya and Felicia

Photo Courtesy of Patrick O’Connor


Come check out their next show (and my costumes in it) Painting the Clouds with Sunshine, which runs from April 2-20, 2014.