I recently did my co-worker Sarah’s makeup for her husband’s surprise birthday party. I have known Sarah for around  three years and done her makeup on multiple occasions. Sarah loves to do a shimmery brown smokey eye with a nude lip.

Since it was a surprise party we had to plan our ruse carefully in order to keep her husband Heiko from becoming suspicious about why she was getting her makeup done. The plan was to ask if I could do her makeup for a blog post. The preparation went perfectly, and the best part was Heiko loves photography and had just gotten a new camera, so he offered to take the pictures for the post! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Here is what I used on her to get a great brown smokey eye:


  • MAC Eye shadow – Vanilla, Wedge and Espresso
  • Urban Decay Eye Shadow – Booty Call, Snakebite and Blackout
  • MAC Cream Color Base – Bronze
  • MAC Eye Kohl – Teddy
  • MAC Liquid Liner – Boot Black
  • CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara
  • Ardell Lashes


  • MAC Blush – Tenderling
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish – Porcelain Pink


  • MAC Lipstick – Crème d’Nude
  • MAC Plushglass – Pretty Plush

Sarah is already very pretty (here is her before) which makes my job very easy!


After I completed her foundation and filling in her brows with Wedge eye shadow using an angled brush I started on her smoky eye.

I first buffed concealer all over her eye lid to help the eye shadow colors stick and last. I then took my large flat brush and swept Vanilla Eye shadow on the brow bone. Then with a smaller flat brush I placed Booty Call eye shadow under only the arch of her brow. This little trick helps give the illusion of lifting the brow.


Using my soft domed brush I then buffed Wedge Eye Shadow in the crease of her eye until the color was diffused and even.


Then using smaller movements of my brush in order to keep my Espresso eye shadow from completely covering the Wedge eye shadow I buffed Espresso into the corner of the eye.


Using my small flat brush I took Bronze Cream Color Base and put it all over the eye lid. Then with the same brush I packed Snakebite on top.


The key to a great brown smokey eye  is to make sure all the colors blend perfectly into one and other. Once I was happy with that aspect, I applied a thin line of black liquid  liner. I smudged Snakebite under the lower eyelashes and put Teddy Eye Kohl along the water line.


When I apply false lashes I like to apply mascara first, so I put on two coats of CoverGirl Clump crusher mascara on. I apply a thin line of DUO Eyelash glue to the false lashes and then wait about 45 seconds so that the glue can become tacky before I place the lashes on. Once the glue has dried I touch up with a little bit more liquid eye liner.


I finished her face by dusting on Tenderling blush, concentrating the color on the apple of the cheek and sweeping it up toward the temple. Then using a fan brush I dusted on Porcelain Pink to the cheekbones as a highlight.


For her lips I used a lip brush to apply Crème d’Nude lipstick and finished it off with Pretty Plush gloss on top.


Sarah not only pulls off the brown smokey eye perfectly, but she pulled off the surprise party perfectly as well.

Special  thanks to Heiko for the great photos!